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Thread: Frozen milk

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    Hi! Does anyone know how long milk is good in the refrigerator after it was frozen. Like if it was frozen for a few days, and I thaw it out in the refrigerator over night, will it be good all day tomorrow?

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    Yup! It's good for 24 hours after being thawed. Beyond that it's not suggested that it be used, though....
    It's a good idea, just in general, to give the thawed milk (or even refrigerated that hadn't been thawed, for that matter) a good sniff-test before giving it to baby. Trust your nose! You'll know if it has gone off and smells WRONG....
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    I read that the bm might have a soapy smell after you defrost it, even within those 24 hours. Mine does, but that doesn't stop dd from taking it.

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