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Thread: mayo?

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    She never reacts to baked goods. Only sometimes when eating scrambled eggs or things with mayo in them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorasMommy View Post
    She never reacts to baked goods. Only sometimes when eating scrambled eggs or things with mayo in them.
    That's good to know! If they determine that she is allergic to egg, a heads up that the recommendation may to be eliminate ALL egg from her diet (and yours as long as your breastfeeding). Please let me know what happens after you talk to the doctor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lsksam View Post
    Disclaimer ... I'm not a doctor ... and don't even play one on the internet

    Sounds alot like allergy symptoms to me ...

    Relief from eczema:
    - daily long soaking bath with no soap (or only use something really mild like Cetaphil or *I think* Dove) - like 15 or 20 min or more
    - pat dry (don't want to rub skin until all the way dry)
    - slather with lotion while skin is moist to seal in the moisture (cremes work better than lotions; we use Cetaphil creme that comes in tub ... pricey but lasts a long time)

    Boy what a hijack from mayo!

    ETA: Can you change to a perfume & dye free detergent and nix the dryer sheets? And would insurnce cover allergy skin prick testing? If he's allergic to the dog I'm not sure what you'd do though.
    We picked up Cheer today (dunno if that meets the requirements but I have very sensitive skin and other detergents, esp Tide, use to give me hives. We were using Cheer before the switch, so we're going back. Also going to pick up dryer balls so no more dryer sheets. Thanks so much, and I will call his pedi about allergy tests and what he thinks. Question though, if all his skin clear up with detergent/lotion/no more soapy baths (we use Aveeno, I thought that was okay ), do we assume he is not allergic to things like milk etc. Red face still makes thing he's allergic to the dog. Taylor and I are both environmentally allergy ridden, so it would not surprise me at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by pigpen777 View Post
    james had eczema bad when he was tiny, still a little now. we used cetaphil, too, and it works great! i still use the creme in the tub for myself and my pg belly! poor connor!
    We picked that up today!

    Thanks gals, and sorry for the mayo high-jack!
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