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Thread: When do babies stop needing to nurse to nap?

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    Default When do babies stop needing to nurse to nap?

    I have a 5 1/2 month old and nursing has been great for us, but I am wondering when she'll stop needing the breast to help her fall asleep. I hear of (formula fed-so I know it's different) my friends' babies that are given a bottle and then a few minutes later, they put their babies in the crib and they fall asleep on their own. That doesn't quite work here. That's okay, but I wonder when that transition will take place. Sometimes I feel like nursing holds me down from leaving the house...just all the effort of feeding her every hours still is hard. Thanks for any advice you can share!

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    Default Re: When do babies stop needing to nurse to nap?

    Some babies learn to fall asleep without nursing eventally - mine is not one of them. At least not yet. He will nap in the car or sling, but if we're home he needs to nurse to sleep. He's 18m. It doesn't bother me so much because frequently he only nurses at nap/bedtime during the day so its not much work on my part. I'd much rather him drop the other feedings than my sure-fire magic-milk sleep-charm!
    Do you have a sling/wrap/other carrier that your LO can nurse/nap in when you are out and about? I know that really made me feel less tied down. I could go grocery shopping at naptime and DS would just nurse in the sling and sleep snuggled against my chest the whole time.
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    Default Re: When do babies stop needing to nurse to nap?

    I nurse my lo and she is awake when I put her down and then she goes to sleep. I started this at 6.5 mths but my friend who told me to do it started at 5.5 so I think you could try now. It may be too early though. You need a nap routine, short but so they know what is going to happen. I sing the same song while I change her diaper, walk to her room, wrap her in a blanket, nurse for maybe 5 min and then into teh crib. The first couple days, she fussed for maybe 3-4 min and then fell asleep, we do not do cry it out so I felt comfortable with this. My friend said she had to go in a few times that first week or so and pat but that he gradually got the idea. I hope it will work for you!
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