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Thread: How much milk does she need?

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    Question How much milk does she need?

    DD is just about 7 months old and has become incredibly distracted while at the breast. She has always taken an hour to eat but since the new struggle of getting everyone to stay quiet (which is SO not happening in this house LOL!) and getting her to stay focused on eating, I am spending at least 8 hours a days feeding her. I just can't do that anymore with 7 other children to tend to.

    I exclusively pumped for 2 of my babies for the 1st year and cannot tell you how tickled I am that I have been able to make it this far exclusively breastfeeding this one. (Only one other of my babies breastfed, the rest were either pumped for or formula fed afetr weeks of trying).

    Anyhow, I'm definitely not new to pumping and as much as I would love to bf'd her all of the time, I have come to the realization that it will be easier to nurse her morning, noon (naptime for the other little ones), and night when all is quiet, and pump and feed during the other times.

    However, I am having trouble figuring out much to feed her from the bottle. She is around 16 pounds and eats 6 times a day. We just started cereal but only a tiny amount mixed with bm once a day. She sleeps about 10 hours at night.

    Is there a chart or something that gives us an idea of how much breastmilk they should be taking in?


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    I believe the best gauge of how much a baby needs is the baby's own demand.
    as a grown-up we all eat different amounts than other grown ups, as well as having different schedules and eating habits. babies are the same.
    try feeding on demand, let her eat when she wants, as much as she wants. whether you bf or give her pumped bm is, ultimately up to you.
    I must say,
    seven kids in 14 years... I'm not worthy!
    congratulations on breastfeeding!

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    Default Re: How much milk does she need?

    Most breastfed babies take between 20-30 oz a day. Maybe start her out with 4-5 ounce bottles for her 6 feedings a day? If she wants more or less, she will let you know!

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    Default Re: How much milk does she need?

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