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Thread: cereal for 11 month old

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    Default cereal for 11 month old

    My baby boy is 11 month old now and i give him cereal twice a day, since few dayz he is asking for more to feed should i give him cereal 3 times a day? or should i serve him some baby snack instead of cereal.

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    Default Re: cereal for 11 month old

    You could try lots of other things, like bananas, avocados, squash, sweet potatos, potatos, blueberries, apples or pears.
    My LO started with some cereal at the beginning of introducing solids, but we started adding new foods pretty regularly. I would try something else, making sure to wait before about 4-5 days between new foods to monitor for any possible allergy concerns.

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    I give dd (11 mo old) cheerios, puffs(available in baby food section), and the baby freeze dried fruits for snacks. Or I will eat and apple or pear and let her gnaw on the core-I make sure there is plenty of fruit left on for her to eat. She LOVES to do that. I think it helps with teething too. Not sure how long you have ben doing solids, but we haven't done actual baby food in about 2 months. She eats what we eat with the few exceptions. I'm sure your LO would like some different snacks, good luck!
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    My DD is also 11 mos. I agree with the previous posters. Let him try different foods.
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    Default Re: cereal for 11 month old

    Here's a link that may help you with ideas on other things to try, as well as things to keep in mind when trying new things. Here's another. Dr Sears has some great ideas here and a full page of links here, as well.

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    Default Re: cereal for 11 month old

    thanx alot guyz for all your response. i will sure try these tips and hope my baby would love it too.

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