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Thread: Tell me if I'm right...

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    Default Tell me if I'm right...

    I just took DD for her 6 mo check up. Everything is great I started her on rice cereal and various fruits/veggies about 3 weeks ago. She doesn't really seem too interested in them. The only thing I can get her to eat is a like 2-3 baby spoon fulls of rice cereal and maybe a spoon full of sweet potato/applesauce. (We've tried others, but these two are the only ones she likes.) I usually try to feed her around 11-12, lunchtime. Anyhoo...today Doc said to start her on meats and fruit cereal at around 7 mos. Aren't meats a 2nd food?
    Will she be ready for 2nd foods at that stage?
    Should I be feeding solids more than once a day?
    When should I be feeding solids?

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    Peds are great, but let your lo take the lead. My dd didn't even accept solids until 9 months, and she started meats at one year. I first offered cereal at about 6 months, she would refuse, and I just kept trying every few days until she was more willing. Are you still bf? She'll get most of her nutrition with bm, solids at this age are really more for fun than anything.

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    I am sure every baby is different, but my ped doesn't recommend meats until 9 months. I think I would definetly let baby take the lead in what is right and wrong. My LO started sooner on solids than most LO on here, but it's what worked for us. Nothings wrong if it's right for your LO.
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    My ped told me the same thing. He wanted mine on meats at 6.5 months. Up to that point I had only given him sweet potatoes and cereal! He said that my ds was underweight and that he needed protein. I caved and gave him sweet potatoe and chicken. He liked it ok, so I still give it to him occasionally. I find it frustrating that all the peds will tell us something different. It is hard to know what is right!

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    Meat is one of the recommended first food of LLL - here's more info if you're interested...

    You can feed her at a rate that she is happy with. She still doesn't "need" solids really... There really is no hard and steady rule about those stage foods... other than to wait for them to be ready.

    Also keep in mind, some babes don't care to be spoon fed, so you could try giving her whole foods if you thinks she can handle self feeding.
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    When my LO was 6 months, I fed her solids once a day. I dont follow baby led solids, per se...but I just sort of followed her lead. If we were eating and she seemed like she wanted to try something, I gave her some premade (by me) babyfood, like sweet potato, avocado, banana, squash, etc. My LO is 10.5 months and I still haven't given her meat. She loves to eat and now eats solids about2-3 times a day. Some days its a few bites and sometimes she's a bottomless pit. She still nurses well and my feeling is as long as she's getting her primary nurishment from me, she's fine.
    For more info on solids and such, check out the kellymom and Dr. Sears websites. There's some good info there!

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    My LO is 7.5 months and we started solids around the same time as you. At first he wasn't into it (gagged or refused the spoon), so I waited a couple weeks. We have been introducing things slowly. He will take solids 1-2 times per day after he nurses. I usually give oatmeal mixed with fruit in the morning and a vegetable in the afternoon (if he gets anything). We tried meat this week and he gagged and threw up, so I'm going to hold off for now.

    I haven't really been doing BLS, but I'm looking into including it more.
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    does she have teeth?

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