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Thread: 3 month old twins

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    Exclamation 3 month old twins

    I need some advice and I'm going to try not to ramble too much. I have b/g twins that were born at 36 weeks. We made it though the first few days with the hospital consultant and the supplemental feeder and did lots of finger feedings before my little guy would latch for a full feeding. I was exclusively bf from week 2 till about 3 weeks ago when both babies were very hungry even after nursing. After a few days of this I was pressured by family members to supplement with formula and we have even tried cereal during the afternoons. My supply to me seems way down. My girl is the better feeder and most of the time will come off after only 7-10 minutes after suckling hard and moving around to get every last bit. My boy will only stay on for the fast flow then comes off and will not go back on no matter what and will cry out in hunger. I know they both do not latch properly and I am quite large and I am struggling to get them to get on properly so that each feeding can get better. What can I do to rebuild my supply and does anyone have some advice for latching on to large breasts? Should I stop suplementing? They are so hungry. Please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by momofCandL View Post
    What can I do to rebuild my supply and does anyone have some advice for latching on to large breasts? Should I stop suplementing? They are so hungry. Please help
    Now I only have experience with one, and you might also want to post this on the multiples section to get their feed back but I would stop suplementing. Your supply is only good on demand. If you supplement you breast will produce less as your body will believe you don't need it. 3 months is a growth spurt my little one was always hungry at 3 months. Your body will respond if you just keep feeding. Hopefully someone can give you some tips on how to keep them on. And I'd stop giving cereal imediatly. They are too young. The recomended age is 6 months. All they need is your milk Mama. Sounds like your doing a great job exclusivly BF from week two until now is amazing, especially with twins. Don't give up now. Your body will make what your little ones need. They might not be crying because they are hungry, how are the diapers, are you getting enough wet/dirty diapers from each? That is the best way to tell. Good luck!

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    How can you tell that they're hungry? I have a hard time telling the difference between hungry and fussy. They kind of turn out to have the same solution: Nurse.

    Since you've been supplementing, your supply may have gone down. How much do you supplement? You might need to wean them off the supplements as you build your supply back up. How to build it? Nurse, nurse, nurse. Whenever they fuss, nurse. If they just got done nursing and they're fussy, nurse. I have put a baby to flaccid, floppy, saggy breast, thinking, "There's nothing in there!" Sure enough, after a few minutes of sucking, my body will let down. Don't let a floppy, "empty" breast stop you from nursing. An "empty" breast actually produces fattier milk, and produces it faster, than a "full" breast.

    It might help you and your family feel better if you keep track of the signs that they are getting enough milk:
    - Nursing as long as they want as often as they want, usually 10-12 times per 24 hours;
    - Having 6-8 wet and 3-4 messy diapers per day (messy diapers may have gone down in number since they're older ....)
    - Gaining weight appropriately (usually 6 ounces a week, but that can vary and still be healthy)

    I, also, was very worried about my babies getting enough milk. But when I would get concerned, I would pull out a pad and paper for 24-36 hours or so and keep track of these three signals of getting enough milk. It was very reassuring.

    Have you read "Mothering Multiples"? Karen Gromada is such a reassuring, helpful voice for Mothers of Multiples. She is always reminding us that we have twice (or more!) the normal number of babies, and feeding them is demanding and overwhelming no matter how you go about it.

    My breasts were monsters during the first 10 months or so. (They're more reasonable in size, now, I'm happy to say.) I had success with my Nurse EZ Plus pillow and the football hold. These combined helped hold up the weight of these monster boobs for my teeny babies.

    Good luck! I can't imagine parenting twins without this powerful mothering tool called "nursing". I'm glad you're headed on the same path!

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