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Thread: Longer sleep periods...pumping?

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    Default Longer sleep periods...pumping?

    As my baby starts sleeping longer periods at nighttime, should I still get up and pump in order to keep up supply?

    Also, how often should 3 month olds be eating per 24 hours? Still 8-12??
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    Default Re: Longer sleep periods...pumping?

    i did that in the beginning and then realized it wasnt necc. Your body adjusts to your baby's needs. WHen my supply got low I would do that for a day or two, but I have not pumped/breastfed at all from about 1030 - 11 pm until about 7 am every night for the past 2-3 months

    My lo still eats ever two-three hours from 7 am til 930 pm! So she might be avg about 8 feedings and she just turned 5 months!

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    Default Re: Longer sleep periods...pumping?

    I agree -- your body will adjust. My LO (almost 9MO) now sleeps anywhere from 8-10 hrs. I pump once though before bed to have milk for morning cereal.

    Grab the rest while you can!!! Once they are moving around you have to chase them! Good luck,
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    Default Re: Longer sleep periods...pumping?

    Are you engorged? Is it painful if you don't pump?

    How is baby doing with regular weight gain? Active and alert? Is there a reason why you feel concerned about nursing frequency?

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    Default Re: Longer sleep periods...pumping?

    I did pump once at nite or early morning just to get 1-2oz for storage for future use once i start work. Sometime it just leak at night & I found it wasted if i don't pump. But it was very tiring for me.

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    Default Re: Longer sleep periods...pumping?

    No need to pump, get more sleep! My lo sleeps 11-12 hrs with no food and I have plenty during the day. I haven't pumped in months!

    I could never get her to eat 8-12 times/day. Even when she was very little, t was struggle to get 7-8 times. I always worried but she is doing great. She just didn't want to eat as often. HTH!
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    Default Re: Longer sleep periods...pumping?

    Personally I would not bother pumping. Your body will adjust. If you wake up painfully engorged you could hand express just a bit for relief then go back to bed.

    If your baby starts to get up again at night to nurse your supply will pick back up during that time.

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