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Thread: She fell asleep without the breast

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    Default She fell asleep without the breast

    I don't know why I am writing this, I suppose I just want a little support, since no one around me has ever dealt with this. My lo is soon to be 18 months old I never thought I would have nursed her for this long. However, I have decided to try to wean her over the next month. I want my body back to mine, and dear lord, I need the sleep. She has nursed every night of the past 17 months atleast every 2-3 hours. Over the past 2 nights I have done the dr Jay Gordon method of night weaning. Tonight is our 3 rd night. She is actually already waking less often and tonight for the first time EVER, she fell asleep without nursing. I am happy, and sad both. I know it is time, but it is still hard emotionally. I was planning on nursing until she was 2, but I am whimpy. She was just getting too demanding with nursing, wanting the breast then popping on and off for a few minutes at a time, and she is getting really bad about playing with the opposite nipple she is nursing on. I am not comfortable with that and she pitches a horrible fit when I cover the breast up so she cant play with it. Holding it is ok, but I am not into the pinching, ect. My lo also has many allergies, peanut, wheat, egg, and milk...and I feel like I am putting her at jeopardy everytime I goof up eating. I would just feel safer if I only had to guard what went in her mouth.

    Well, i have found the reason I needed to post this....to rationalize my need to wean on paper.

    So, this is one small step...falling asleep without the breast- we still co-sleep so she is still near. I dread the next 3 nights when she cant have the breast at all for 8 hours a night. It looks like she will do well though.

    Thanks for lending an ear...or I guess I should say an eye.

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    Default Re: She fell asleep without the breast

    each milestone is kinda bittersweet isn't it? My DS is only 10.5 months and he's started to ocassionally pop off (we still nurse to sleep) and fall asleep just cuddling with me. It makes me sad since I think he might wean himself from nursing to sleep soon. I sympathize with you but it sounds like you're doing the right thing for you and your Lo right now.

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