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Thread: We Are Finally Here!!!

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    Wink We Are Finally Here!!!

    YEAH! I thought I would never be able to post here!!! and HERE I AM!!!
    So, the doctor told me, my DD is ready for solids. But, I have no idea how to start, all I know is I should start with rice cereal and give her some water in a sippy cup.
    Now, the questions: Do you know of a good sippy cup?, mine leaks like crazy! and, should I give her cereal at night before going to bed? or should it be her first meal in the morning?
    thanks ladies!!

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    Default Re: We Are Finally Here!!!

    Our lo's are close in age.
    You don't have to start with Cereal. I actually started with homemade sweet potatoes. I just baked it, mixed it with some BM. He loved it....he only eats about once a day, I am taking it really slow. You can check out www.wholesomebabyfoods.com

    Avacados are also a great first foods....

    I am not sure if you are planning to feed him jarred food or make it... I do both
    Married mama with 4 kiddos...2 girls (11 & 6) and 2 boys (21mo & 3mo)

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