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Thread: I almost died from not laughing!

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    Talking I almost died from not laughing!

    We were at my MIL's for Christmas when I told her about how much I was looking forward to nursing our upcoming child and had joined these forums. She said something along the lines of how some of you ladies are a little "over-zelous" since there's "no nutritive value in BFing past 1 year"! I struggled so hard to not laugh right in her face! I was thinking, what, does breastmilk suddenly loose all its nutition and become white water at the "magical" age of one?

    My daughter (whom I wasn't able to nurse past 2 weeks, long story) is almost one now and I'm trying really hard to get her off formula (expensive!) and onto solids (much less expesive) and she just doesn't seem satified until she's had her bottle. I know that with baby #2, when I reach this point I won't have to worry about solid intake at all, since breastmilk is baby's perfect food for the whole first year and is the best possible supplement well on into the second and later years of life.

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    Oh FFS!

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    Good for you for not actually laughing in her face.

    I've never understood how it's ok for a child to continue to have a bottle up to age 3 and beyond (as I've seen) and yet at age 1, 6months, you name it, they should be off the breast.

    We will support your decision to breastfeed and will not contain our zeal in encouraging you in that decision.

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    You have more control than I do!!

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    Default Re: I almost died from not laughing!

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    My mom is supportive of my nursing, but would make comments like, "So are you going to be done when Tori turns a year?" I just say, "Probably not." and leave it at that. Now that Tori is almost a year and we are still breastfeeding strong, she doesn't ask. In fact, when she comes over to babysit, if I tell her when Tori last ate, she'll say, "What did she have? The usual? Well, it's her favorite!"

    I think part of it, is because my mom never breastfed my brother or me. She regrets it now! I can tell she's jealous. Has even made comments that my brother might have been healthier if she'd breastfed. (He had a lot of ear problems that were then related to speech development.)

    Anyhow, I think it's so cool you're so excited to breastfeed your new bundle!
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    Crikey! I afraid I have just LAUGHED my head off!

    Because, see my 'signature' below, I have just added this in yesterday because I am so so sick of having to repeat myself to everyone I know! Heee! I have even put 'this' in on my e-mail signature to spread the message far and wide!!!

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