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Thread: Wheres the milk???? HELP!!!!

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    Default Wheres the milk???? HELP!!!!


    This is want2breastfeed again! My baby is now 3 days old. My nipples feel like they are going to explode, dry cracked sore almost bleeding. I am so frustrated because at the hospital they told me everything looked great and he was latched on succesffully numerous times.

    I had to supplement yesterday 6 ounces of formula because he was starving and my chest (as well as the rest of my body) almost gave out. I didnt want to but couldnt take it anymore. To top it off I have a needy 17 month at home to contend with as well. No help either. Husband works long hours

    I fed him on the breast all day today except for one 2 ounce bottle. Now I am scared my milk will not come in? I had him on New Years Eve. Its been almost three days...Help!!!!!!

    Sore in CT

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    Default Re: Wheres the milk???? HELP!!!!

    I had the same problem with my nipples being sore, and my entire body feeling worn out. I hurt so bad at times I would just cry when my daughter nursed. I saw so many Lactation consultants and they always said she was latching on correctly. Also, my nursing bras and tops were to tight, as soon as I got bigger sizes I felt so much better. I almost gave up, but stuck it out and eventually I started to feel better. My daughter wanted to nurse all the time because she was so little, so I nursed her every 45-60 minutes for the first week.
    Have you tried mother's milk tea that really helped my milk come in. Are you getting enough fluids? Also, can anyone come over and help youout with the older sibling so you can get some rest?
    I am not an expert ,but this is what helped me. Plenty of fluids and lots of rest. I hope you have a better day today. I will keep you in my thoughts.

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    Default Re: Wheres the milk???? HELP!!!!

    I also had terribly sore nipples for the first week or two. I know your told it should not hurt and they are not latching correctly if it does hurt. But my ds latched correctly and the pain eventually disapeared. My son had and still does have an aggressive suck. I think that is why I had pain. I don't have answers for you but just wanted to tell you your not alone. I didn't give up and cried for day's while he nursed. I remember if I was sitting alone nursing it hurt terrible b/c I was concentrating on the pain. But if I nursed while watching my daughter or even standing up or walking around the pain wasn't as bad b/c I wasn't focusing on it.
    It's not uncommon to still be waiting for your milk to come in on the 3rd day. I don't believe mine came in any earlier than that. I know it sucks b/c of the pain but the best way to get your milk to come in is to nurse, nurse, nurse. And do your best to relax, rest, stay nourished and hydrated.
    Good luck to you!

    ETA: I wanted to add if you feel something is wrong b/c of the pain please continue to seek medical advice.

    Mom to - DD1 10/5/05, DS 6/27/07 & DD2 6/18/09

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    Default Re: Wheres the milk???? HELP!!!!

    Hey-hang in there! Babies come out with a stomach that is no bigger than the end of your thumb, so it doesn't take much to fill it up. They also don't really need huge quantities of milk in the first days- just the colostrum. Those voices in your head about how your baby MUST be starving because they want to just nurse and nurse and nurse - don't let them make you crazy! Babies not only nurse for nutrition, but also for comfort. If you can't shake those darn voices go see a lactation counselor and she can measure how much your baby is getting and also help with the latch- I think discomfort and some pain is normal in the first days/weeks but if your nipples are bleeding or blistered or in any way damaged get some help. For dry nipples try Lansinoh cream or Purlan (find it with the breastfeeding supplies Target or Babies r Us. Good Luck girl. I agree with the pp in getting some help so you can get rest. Don't try to be supermom the first few weeks- take it easy and recover.
    A good way to tell if your LO is getting enough is how much is coming back out- they should have given you some guidelines when you left the hospital.
    It WILL get better, I promise

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    Default Re: Wheres the milk???? HELP!!!!

    have you looked up your local group?
    That leader is around to help.
    See the find local support.
    Pick us and then your state.

    hey you just had a baby thats hard work and you need to recover.
    can you take the baby to bed and rest.
    Let your older one play with toys and let the house go!

    what have babies wet diapars been like? what about poops?
    thats the way to tell if they are getting the milk they need.

    are you putting any thing on your nipples?

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