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Thread: BLS First Foods

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    Default BLS First Foods

    Ok ... so since she does not like to be spoon fed I figured ... to go against my fear of choking ... to go with BLS. So I have looked at a lot of the websites and I want to make sure I am only giving her things she is allowed to eat at 6-6/12 months. Here is what I figured so far-

    Carrots- Steamed

    Any others? If so, how did you prepare them?

    Thanks for your help!!

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    You can also try steamed broccolli and cauliflower (sp?) sweet and white potato, whole peeled peaches and apples (they may be difficult to hold, but lots of fun!) watermelon is a good one to start with as it has tons of iron. We also did spinach. If you're not too scared of choking and your lo has a good finger pinch then you don't necessarily have to mash everything. You can cut it up into little french fry size or pea size pieces.

    Remeber, it's more about having fun and experimenting with different textures and flavors at this point. Have fun!

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    Default Re: BLS First Foods

    I give DS half a small banana whole rather than mashed.

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    Default Re: BLS First Foods

    Our DS early foods included:

    avocado (raw)
    sweet potato (baked until soft & cooled)
    banana (it will split in thirds the long way naturally)
    butternut squash (cubed, steamed until soft & cooled)
    pear (raw, slices without skin)

    and soon after that he was eating things like:

    grean beans (steamed)
    carrots (steamed)
    broccoli (steamed)

    my general approach was to cut things into french-fry shapes, steam veggies until soft enough that I could eat it with just my tounge & the roof of my mouth without using my teeth but still firm enough for DS to pick up

    puffed rice (like rice crispies but just plain puffed rice)
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    Default Re: BLS First Foods

    We did things much like Isksam. Avocado was his first "real" food, and we didn't mash it. Later we tried mashing it with banana and breast milk, and he loved it. We also did raw pear, peeled, which is still one of his favorite things. Sweet potato was a favorite too. We also did apple, peeled, and that seemed to feel especially good when he was teething.

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