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Thread: Nipple "irritation" feeling while BFing now (3 mo)

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    Default Nipple "irritation" feeling while BFing now (3 mo)

    For the last 6-8 weeks, nursing has been going SO well! But over the last couple days, my nipples feel irritated towards the end of each breastfeeding session (not painful, really...) The only other thing that I've noticed is that the tips are white when DD finishes.
    Is this a latch problem? Or something else?

    I'd like to "fix" it soon, before I get sore again, or worse. :-)


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    Default Re: Nipple "irritation" feeling while BFing now (3 mo)

    could be a latch problem, if you suspect it is, check out your local LLL leader or a good LC to get it fixed.
    the whole nipple should be far back in the baby's mouth, the baby should open her mouth wide when she latches.

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    Default Re: Nipple "irritation" feeling while BFing now (3 mo)

    Mine are still tender sometimes, especially at the end of the day. DS is five months old. I have very sensitive skin that got worse during my pg, including exema and I think that contributes to the sensitive skin.

    Hopefully, someone will answer you about the white who knows more than I.

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    Default Re: Nipple "irritation" feeling while BFing now (3 mo)

    I have the same thing - it could be blanching of the nipple? I think it's normal for some to feel a little tender, and I know that I questioned the latch multiple times before accepting that maybe this is actually normal!

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    Default Re: Nipple "irritation" feeling while BFing now (3 mo)

    On occasion, I too notice the nipple tips being white, but if you watch it for a minute, you'll see that the normal pink/red color returns. I think that it is a pressure reaction, similarily if apply pressure elsewhre on your skin. It must be the way they are sucking and need to get more into their mouth to avoid that pressure at just the tip!

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    Default Re: Nipple "irritation" feeling while BFing now (3 mo)

    Sometimes my DS will clamp down a bit to slow the milk flow. The tip of the nipple is white and then is sore or senstive a little later (sort of like when your leg falls asleep, then it tingles later as the circulation returns).

    If it is a letdown issue, getting the baby more upright will help prevent the need for the baby to bite down. If the baby is still pinching, I try breaking the latch and repositioning. After the initial letdown your flow is slowing down and the baby may not realize it until you try to latch her on again. She may be happier the second time! I used to be so afraid of breaking a latch, afraid the baby would never latch on again but both of you will be so much happier for it!

    Sometimes I also place my finger in the dent between the lower lip and the chin and apply a little pressure -- it keeps the mouth from closing so tight.

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    Default Re: Nipple "irritation" feeling while BFing now (3 mo)

    Are you still using lanolin? sometimes my nipples are irritated at the end of a day and I just let them air dry after showering and put a little lanolin on them. I don't know if its actually working of if its psychological, but it helps. And I have some leftover from the first days, so its a good use for it.


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