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Thread: Stools after solids...

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    I have a 7 month old and I started her with some banana and all seemed well, so a few days later I gave her some rice cereal. I also give her water on occassion because she likes to have what i have and the only thing I will let her drink out of a cup is water.

    Anyhow, she started having stringy blood looking things in her stool. The doctors even ran some tests to see if it was blood and it was not. Her stools have increased to 4 times a day sometimes more. Is this normal? Has anyone experienced this when they started food?


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    If the test for blood in your daughter's stool came back negative, perhaps what you are seeing are fibers from the banana? When you peel a banana, have you ever noticed how there are long "strings" that come away with the peel? Sometimes those pass through the digestive track more or less unchanged...

    Oh- and what matters with a baby's poop pattern is consistency, not frequency. So long as your daughter is not having diarrhea, passing hard, dry bits, or seeming uncomfortable when she poops, then I wouldn't worry too much. But you may want to observe kind of carefully for a while as you figure out what the "new normal" is after solids have been introduced!
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    I had the same thing happen after giving my son a banana when he was about the same age! It looked disgusting and I, too, suspected that it was blood. I didn't give him banana for a few days and it went away. Think about banana bread or anything with bananas in it -it has those little black fibers in it. I think that's probably what you're seeing. It was good to have it checked out, though, just in case!

    Aren't kids mysterious? And their poop is even more so!

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