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Thread: Breastmilk vs. water

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    Default Breastmilk vs. water

    My 10 month old nurses 4 to 5 xday (2 to 3 times well but quick and the other 1 to 2 times just for a sip). How do I determine if she is getting enough breastmilk versus water/juice throughout the day? Should I be concerned and give some formula? At what point do I need to give expressed milk or formula to make sure she's getting the proper nutrirtion. She is a very good solid food eater.

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    as said many times on this forum: (you'd think I'd know the numbers by now - HAHA!!) the ans is simple: the amount of wet and poopy diapers!

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    Let her nurse as much as she wants, if you're afraid she's not getting enough - drop the juice, do water at meals only (or not at all), and cut back on solids. Right now all of her needs are met by BFing alone - none of the other stuff is required at all.

    And with that number of nursing sessions in one day, I'd definitely say she's not self weaning or on strike (per your other post)

    ETA ~ Don't bother with the formula, it's has far less of the good stuff she gets from you.


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    I have kind of the same concern cause my hubby and family members wants to give water to my 6 month old.... What I know its that BM its most water so give xtra fluids of water or juice its not nessecary.... since your lo its 10 I will think to give him some with meals.... sorry I am not that far so dont have much to say

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