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Thread: Poi as a first food

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    Lightbulb Poi as a first food

    While in Hawaii just before my DD was born, I learned that Hawaiian babies are fed poi (mashed taro root) as their first solid food because it is so good for them. I've since done a bit of research and it sounds like poi is such a good first food that it helps prevent food allergies and is very nutritious.

    I believe I'd like to use poi instead of rice or other cereals for my DD first solid food once she reaches 6 months or so, but I'd like more information about doing so.

    Does anyone have any info on poi as a baby's first food? And on how or where to get poi in the Lower 48?

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    Default Re: Poi as a first food


    from what I read it sounds like its only good fresh.and its hard to ship very

    heres a recipie to make it yourself..if you can find the roots.

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