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Thread: help with 2 day old....

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    congrats on the new baby!

    keep letting him nurse as much as he wants.
    dont take him off of the breast.
    in the early days my dd was attached to the breast all of the time - seriously.
    i basically sat on the couch with my boppy and her on the boob. when she would fall asleep on the 1st boob - about after 30-45 min - i would move her to the other and we would repeat the cycle until she didnt cry when she came off of the breast.
    the more he nurses the more milk you will make. give yourself a chance to make milk. you say he is only 2 days old..that isnt enough time for your milk to come in. watch for the pees and poops. keep up with that. dont watch the clock, watch your baby. feed early and often. you can do it. dont get discouraged now.

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    I agree with the pps who told you to just keep your LO at your breast constantly. Forget the feeding schedule, get rid of the bottle and formula. Get a good book, magazines, some snacks, drinks, your cell phone, crossword games, etc...and settle in for a little while! Many babies want to be at the breast all the time. It's totally normal.

    Also - with all the "propaganda" surrounding formula, it's hard for women to believe that their bodies are, in fact, capable of producing enough milk for their children. Just believe in your body's ability to do what nature has intended it to do. You can BF successfully and this is the best place for support and guidance!
    Andrea - mama to Laith 02.20.07 and Sommer 01.21.11
    'Either you repeat the same conventional doctrines everybody is saying, or else you say something true, and it will sound like it's from Neptune.' - Noam Chomsky

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