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Thread: help with 2 day old....

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    Default help with 2 day old....


    My son is almost two days old. I have been breastfeeding him the colostrum . My schedule is typically half hour on each breast every 2 hours - 2.5 hours. My problem is that he is hungry after feedings now. My milk did not come in yet. I gave him 2 ounces of formula. Is this going to interfere with my milk coming in ? When is my milk coming in? I was adament about not doing formula but he is clearly hungry and decided to give him 2-4 ounces of milk each day until that milk shows up...Any info greatly appreciated...Karen

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    Default Re: help with 2 day old....

    This can be such a worrysome time you've come to the right place

    Congrats on your new baby boy !

    I would suggest definitely keeping him at the breast as often as he likes as his sucking will stimulate that milk coming in. Every time you give him a bottle is an opportunity lost for his stimulation. Your milk will work on a supply and demand method. Your baby creates the demand and your body will react with the appropriate supply

    What makes you concerned that hes' "hungry"? his stomach is very very tiny and is getting something from you. Is he pooping and peeing often?? They're great need for sucking right now is part of the supply and demand process!

    he should be having about 2-3 bowel movements now.. theres a common 'general rule' that they should have at least 1 bowel movement for each day they are old for a while.

    Here's a link to help you sort out if hes getting enough.

    good luck
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    Default Re: help with 2 day old....

    Hi and Congrats! I was concerned that my son wasn't getting enough in the beginning as well, and my milk did not come in until he was around 4 or 5 days old-now I almost have too much! I was told by the nurses that all he needed at first was a teaspoon or so in 24 hours. How is his output? If he is peeing and pooping well, I wouldn't be concerned.

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    Default Re: help with 2 day old....

    Hi Karen. Congrats on the new baby!

    If you truly want breastfeeding to work you have to throw that schedule out the window and nurse that child on demand. What that means is you have to nurse the baby whenever he is showing signs (fist to mouth, rooting for nipple), which may be very often in the beginning. This will help stimulate your milk to come in. Breastfeeding is solely based on supply and demand. The more your child suckles, the more milk you will make. Trust your body and know that you will be able to meet the demands of feeding your child. Every feeding you supplement will tell your body to produce less milk. Also, bottle feeding, in the first few weeks especially, can cause nipple confusion for the baby (refusal of breast can occur).

    The beginning can be a trying time. You have definitely come to the right place for info. You can do it mommy!
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    Default Re: help with 2 day old....


    maybe this will help!
    babies cry alot in the 1st few weeks!
    I bet that in a few hours things will be going beter.
    feed him more often
    newborns sometimes need to nurse 12 times in 24 hours.
    theese early start links might help too.

    heres a good one too that talks about the size of thier tummy

    do you have your local leaders number?
    you can call her shes around to help!

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    Default Re: help with 2 day old....

    Congrats on your new baby!!

    It is totally normal for your milk to have not come in yet. Mine came in on day 4 or 5. Rather than timing your feedings and the spaces between them, you might try putting your baby to your breast whenever he gives you hunger cues. Rooting, making sucking faces, putting his hands to his mouth, etc are all good cues that your baby wants to nurse.

    I know it is really hard in the beginning to have faith in your body and trust that it is doing the right thing and feeding your baby, but you ARE!! There should be no need to supplement with formula this early, since your baby's tummy is so small (the size of a grape!) and the colostrum should be enough. I would avoid supplementing more, as it will definitely have an effect on your milk supply if you continue. At this point baby will suck on a bottle whether he is hungry or not so if you put him to your breast instead of a bottle it will affect both your supply and his ability to latch properly.

    Just remember: The more baby sucks the more messages your body recieves that it's milk-making time!.
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    Default Re: help with 2 day old....

    i just wanted to throw a congrats on the new baby in here as all the other ladies have already given you great advice, my lo wanted to nurse almost constantly at first with what only seemed like minutes in between its hard but hang in there it will get better!! You are doing a great job giving baby the best .

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    Default Re: help with 2 day old....

    Hello Everyone and Thank You for Your Help,

    Please email me with more help...

    To answer the questions, I have been feeding about 12 times a day. Each time I feed (anywhere from half hour to 45 minutes) the baby is still crying and crying and crying. When I gave a little supplement it stops???? The nurse at the hospital said it will not affect my supply when it comes in.

    I desperately want to exclusively breastfeed the baby only but am scared he will drop alot in weight (my first daughter did)

    MY baby weighed in at 7.5 at birth and two days later is 6 and 14 ounces. That is the same thing that happened to my last baby and two more days later she went down to 6.6 so this is why I am getting nervous.

    My baby John, now, is a great sucker, it is a little painful but all the nurses and lc agreed that he seems to be doing well sucking/latching (im getting the fish lips, deep rooting and slight sucking sound it sounds like to me.

    Again, any infor GREATLY appreciated. Karen

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    Default Re: help with 2 day old....

    Congrats on your new baby!

    What was your labor and delivery like? IV fluids? It's very very common for babies to lose weight the first few days.

    Supplementing does mess up your supply, I wish nurses and doctors wouldn't say things like that

    Just keep nursing, my LO nursed 20 or more times a day in the very beginning, it wasn't easy but just keep on putting baby to your breast when he seems hungry. Bottles really are a slippery slope, and can sabotage the breastfeeding relationship.


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    Default Re: help with 2 day old....

    Mine came in about 4 days after my LO was born. He was dehydrated at the hospital and the pediatrician recommended I supplement with formula. Me personally... I wish I hadn't. It clogged the little guy up. My opinion is because of the iron in formula. Anyways, we only supplemented for one day. I decided to pump my own milk to use as a supplement. That should also help your milk come in faster. Good luck!!

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