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Thread: Losing more milk than he's drinking?

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    Default Losing more milk than he's drinking?

    I have a few problems - maybe. First, my son, born 12/14 so he's 2 weeks 5 days old, often seems to want to nurse only 8-10 minutes per side per feeding, or wants to spend 20 minutes on one side and isn't interested in the other. He has plenty of wet and dirty diapers and had regained his birth weight at 1 week 5 days old. He seems to want to eat every 1.5 to 2 hours. I'm worried he's not getting enough hind milk because he's not spending long enough on the breast. He falls asleep during feedings, but even if I do manage to wake him up, he simply refuses to latch again.

    My other problem - at the hospital I seemed to have a fine latch. But now that we're at home I'm not so sure. Often when I'm feeding him I notice a lot of milk draining down my breast and side. Is it normal to lose milk while nursing? Does this mean his latch is actually wrong? It happens especially when I'm trying to coax him to continue nursing after he has slowed down or stopped.

    Part of me wants to just believe that if he has wet and dirty diapers, he's fine, but another part of me is just so anxious over whether he's eating enough. Thank you all for any reassurance or advice you might have.

    - S

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    Default Re: Losing more milk than he's drinking?

    You don't have to offer both breasts during a feeding. If you are concerned whether your lo is getting enough hindmilk then just offer one breast. Sometimes after a feeding I will squeeze the nipple to see the consistency of the milk that comes out. If it is thicker then I feel relatively sure that he is getting the hindmilk. Also what color are his poops? While not always the case, a foremilk / hindmilk imbalance can sometimes cause the poops to be more greenish in color.

    If he has enough poopy or wet diapers then it seems he is getting enough milk. I think milk dripping down the side is fine. It is just their way of managing the flow. Your lo probably just can't swallow fast enough to handle the flow. My little boy also did this and as he gets older I notice that this happens less and less as he is able to manage the flow of milk better.

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    Default Re: Losing more milk than he's drinking?

    I am not as experienced as some of the other mommies on here who will give you some great advice, but I want to say CONGRATS! You are obviously doing a great job with your new baby.

    My LO dribbles milk all of the time too! He is 2 months and he has been doing it from the beginning. Like you, I was concerned. But, he has gained weight and has plenty of wet and dirty diapers. When I posted about this, someone told me that eventually, when I relax about the BF, that I would think it is cute when he dribbles milk. Just keep a burp cloth handy. Hopefully, someone else can tell you if they think it is a latch problem. But, I think you are doing fine. You could always call a LLL leader or a LC in your area if you are really nervous about it.

    Nursing every 1.5 to 2 hours is very common for a baby of his age. Your baby knows how much he needs. And since his weight gain an output has been good, then it sounds like you are doing great! Plus, he is almost 3 weeks which is a very common time for a growth spurt. So, don't be surprised if he wants to nurse more often for a couple of days.

    As far as hind milk goes...hopefully someone with a little more experience than me can answer your question. I think maybe you can tell by the color of his poop? I know you will get some good advice from others who can offer a little more. But, I just wanted to give you a quick response because I know you are worried. Keep up the good work momma!

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    Default Re: Losing more milk than he's drinking?

    Sounds like you're doing everything right!!! Especially - If there's no pain with the latch - the dribbling is his way of coping with something and he's still getting his fair share
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    Default Re: Losing more milk than he's drinking?

    Thank you all! We took him in for a weight check yesterday and he'd gained 16.3 ounces in 8 days. Is definitely getting enough then. Felt great to know he's doing well, and also helped me to deal with some of the stresses I didn't mention - namely, my mom insisting I would starve him if I didn't give him cereal.

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