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Thread: Introduce Cows Milk?

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    Default Introduce Cows Milk?

    Should I wait to introduce cows milk until 1 year? My 10 month old is starting to wean? I really don't want to pump and I'm not sure about introducing formula now. Are the cons to introducing cows milk now horrible?

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    I'd say your LO isn't weaning, but if rarely nursing could be a strike. Either way, cow's milk is a "no no" until at least a year. Nursing strikes happen to many, I haven't experienced one yet, but I'm sure another mom who has will come along.

    I'd suggest continue to offer the breast, and get in as many feedings as you can (night time usually works the best from what I've read here)


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    when my dd was 10mo she did the same thing. she went down to 2x a day with nursing. i had some froz ebm that i used for a while and then i had to mix with formula.
    the start of our decline was when i got a virus and was super dehydrated for a few days. i tried to nurse through the illness, but my body was just shot. dd refused to nurse for a couple of days after i got to feeling better.
    anyway, i had to start using formula then. i didnt really want to, but i didnt know what else to do.
    my mil and sister are nursing in labor and delivery units at different hospitals. they said no no no on the milk before 1 year thing. the baby just cannot break down the proteins yet.
    i know that doesnt help. keep on breastfeeding as much as possible and mix in a little formula as needed. always offer the breast first.

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