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Thread: Need Advice Bad! Long (sorry)

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    Okay, so my son is going to be a year in a couple of weeks and I have been thinking a lot about weaning. Let me start with the fact that he has a milk/egg allergy which he has still not outgrown (darn) and does not take a bottle or BM out of sippy at all! He does drink water out of sippy well, though and is eating solids, but some days are better than others. In general, I feel like he is not eating as much as he should (he refused all solids until 10 1/2 months!) I am quite ready to be done BFing for a few reasons-the restrictions on my diet and the fact that I am very skinny and do not want to do any damage to my bones, also wanting some time to get away for myself and for my husband (he so wants some time with me more than a few hours! Me too!). My DS loves to nurse and I have always nursed on demand-he now usually goes about 3 maybe 4 hours between. The hard part is I am a SAHM and I think he knows that he can have it whenever he wants because I am always around. I am not very strong in refusing him when I know he wants to nurse. I have been planning on maybe leaving him with my husband or my mom for a whole day after his morning nurse and then coming back right before bed for his night time nurse and doing this for a few days to at least get him weaned from nursing all day. Nursing morning and night sounds great to me and maybe my body would be able to retain some more calories if it didn't have to make so much milk! Anyway, I was thinking of doing this for a couple of days in a row and then be done with daytime. Any advice at all?

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    Congratulations on making it to a year! You need to do what will be best for the whole family. My kids are dairy/egg/gluten right now... I hate it. They also refused solids until almost 11 months. I have chosen to continue to breastfeed past one because we all seem to need it. I don't have them on a good enough diet yet, because I'm still figuring out what they can and cannot have to eat. At least with nursing, I know they are getting their nutrients and calories. On the other hand, they do not seem sensitive to those things in MY diet anymore. I can't imagine being in your shoes and having such a limited diet for myself. That would be rotten. I totally feel you on wanting to be away for more than two or three hours at a time! Sometimes I feel really trapped! What I remember at those times, is that this is only for a short time in my kids' lives.
    You might continue to try they sippy of breastmilk. With my first, she did learn to take a sippy of breastmilk from me, but I just had to hold her like she was nursing. I know others have had more success introducing it if someone else gives it.
    Being gone all day for several days might be a stressful on your little one. Perhaps you might try nursing in the morning, and being gone for only one usual nursing time after that, and coming back for the rest of the day. Doing things more slowly, even though it can take extra patience on your part, will be less stressful overall.
    Good luck!
    Mommie to big sister Eszter, and twinnies Sophia and Josiah

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