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Thread: Pacifiers...good or bad?

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    Default Pacifiers...good or bad?

    I'm a first time mom and I've felt a lot of pressure (from myself as well as others) to sooth my cranky 7 week old (who isn't always cranky but when she is, boy, look out!). I was very against pacifiers before I had a baby, but when I finally gave in, and there was once again peace in my house, I had to change my mind. Ari now uses a pacifier to sleep (which is most of the day) and in the car. I'm wondering if I'm causing my child more harm then good? I've read studies that say pacifiers are bad for teeth after a certain age but good for the prevention of SIDS in the first year. I'm also wondering if there is a more natural choice in pacifier materials...are there the problems with latex that the hard plastic bottles are having?
    Thanks everyone

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    Default Re: Pacifiers...good or bad?

    I was like you - totally against pacifiers before LO was born and for the first 6weeks. I changed my mind after a hairy car ride.
    My personal opinion is that they aren't that bad. Many moms will say that they interfere with BFing but I never had that problem. (We had serious latch problems from the get-go so I can't comment on whether pacis will affect latching.) We used them as a last resort initially and this changed over time to more frequent use.
    DS is now 10 1/2 months and he isn't using them much at all now because HE doesn't want them. He will still use one at night but it isn't consistent. So he's weaning himself.
    I had decided that if DS reached 1 year and the paci was still in full force, I would try to start weaning him. I don't know why I chose 1 year - I might have read something but I can't be sure.
    Oh, and we use silicone nipples because they are safer re: pthalates (spelling?) and they aren't an allergy-causing substance like latex.
    HTH! Don't worry too much...
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    Default Re: Pacifiers...good or bad?

    i was also against pacifier use until i had my son. it definitely was a life saver for us. he needed it for sleep and car rides and he outgrew at 15 months with my help of course.

    good luck!

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    Default Re: Pacifiers...good or bad?

    there was a good artical in the Last new beginings but its not on-line yet. watch for latch on problems or sucking problems with a baby that young.
    7 weeks is a prime time for a growth spurt where they want to spend alot of time at the breast and thats normal.

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    Default Re: Pacifiers...good or bad?

    think of it this way.......you can take the paci away, the thumb is there forever......DS weaned himself fromt he paci at 7 mo, and until then it was great for us. unless you are having problems with latching I don't see anything wrong with a paci

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    Default Re: Pacifiers...good or bad?

    I agree with pp. IMO, he wont be a 10 yr old paci user So im not really worried about how long he wants it. I will probably try and wean him, if needed, once he is a yr old or so.

    My DS uses it for the car and naps (if he doesnt fall asleep nursing). It had made a HUGE difference for us. He was also a bit of a cranker when he was 6wks or so.

    BTW. Where in Ontario do you live? I live in London.

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    Default Re: Pacifiers...good or bad?

    I was against pacifier use too! As long as you have established a good supply and your LO doesn't have any latch issues, I think it is fine. My LO was fussy and I ended up giving him one.

    My LO gave the pacifier up on his own around 4-5 months. He was never that into it anyway. Have you heard of "The Happiest Baby on the Block"? It gave me great ideas for soothing my fussy/ high needs baby. HTH!
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    Default Re: Pacifiers...good or bad?

    I wasn't so much against them as I was worried about weaning from them. When I had my first son we tried giving him one and he wouldn't have it heck he wouldn't even take a bottle. The positive is that he went straight from breast to cup and I never had to wean him not even from the breast--he sort of just weaned himself.

    With my LO now (5 months) we also tried giving him a pacifier but again no go but he will take a bottle. If your little one doesn't fuss continuously and there are other ways to soothe him I would bypass the pacifier only because it's great not to have to get LO away from it later.

    I get that from people as well does he take a pacifier because they want to shut him up and I politely say no and express my delight in that fact. But if it is for your own sanity go with it but for others the heck with them.
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    Default Re: Pacifiers...good or bad?

    My ds has never really wanted his paci very much. We always keep one in his diaper bag just in case. However, he only uses it for car rides once in a while.

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    Default Re: Pacifiers...good or bad?

    I was an Anti-Passi person before I had me LO. At 3 months when I started back to work and she could commute in the car with me I Loved the Passi!! Now, at 14 months we still use it for car rides and sometimes at bed time. The rest of the time they stay in a basket in her room and if she gets one out I ask her if it is bed time. She then puts it back.
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