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Thread: Pumping and milk supply

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    Unhappy Pumping and milk supply

    I am really hoping to get some good insight on this ladies.

    I'll start from the beginning. When I was still in the hospital (3-day stay) I caved on the last night and gave my LO a bottle of formula because I went through the "my baby's not getting anything" stage. Since then we have supplemented her no more then about 4 oz a day. Now my baby can eat - a lot so even if I nursed her all day everyday she still didn't seem satisfied, hence why we kept up with the supplementing. I actually had no problems with only supplementing that. Now comes my problem. I just started back to work (working only a few days a week at first) and I've found it EXTREMELY hard to make time to pump and I just really dislike pumping. I talked with my husband and decided to start the weaning process. Now I am completely regretting it and I want to get back in the groove. Now that I'm at work and my supply has lowered I'm wondering if I can get it back.
    Is it possible? Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: Pumping and milk supply

    Well the only advice i can give is pump and pump and nurse and nurse, as much as possible get your feedings up to 10-12 a day by pump or nursing, nursing is best but the more milk you remove from your breasts the more you make. Its very possible! just hang in there and some other ladies will come around with more help

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    Default Re: Pumping and milk supply

    I would also say that pump and nurse frequently, maybe take a weekend or day off just to nurse. One other thing I found is very effective is sleeping more and resting more one weekend while continuing to nurse. Maybe the 'Mothers tea' available in some grocery stores will help. LLL may have more info on foods to increase supply.

    At work, what I did was book a meeting for myself at the pumping times. That made sure no one booked that time. I know its tough. Hope it was useful.

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    Hi Krystle! I have never tried to wean my DS, but when my supply dips, I start drinking a lot of water (including the Mother's Milk tea), eat regular (not quick oats) oatmeal, and nurse and pump like crazy and it seems to bring it back up to where we need to be.

    I absolutely hate hauling my pump all over the place, but I finally bit the bullet and started to as I am on my second bout of mastitis.

    Good luck to you!

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    I agree with the PP. Pump & nurse as much as possible and drink LOTS of water. Water is the bugest thing that impacts my supply.
    Good luck.
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