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Thread: can we eat sushi while bf?

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    Default can we eat sushi while bf?

    hi my ds is 12 weeks now and i am starting to change my eating back to more healthful style. this means more fish for me. i know while i was prego i was concerned about mercury. do i still need to be? thanks

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    Default Re: can we eat sushi while bf?

    Yes - you can eat sushi while bf (the concern while pg is possible ick in raw fish).

    Yes - you should still be very concerned with mercury levels while eating any fish (raw or cooked) and bf.

    For example - I limit the amount of tuna that I eat (sushi or cooked) and eat other lower-mercury fishes instead.
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    Default Re: can we eat sushi while bf?

    i love sushi too! but i limit myself now to california maki, salmon, and crab. It's just me, i just wanted to be careful.

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