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Thread: Used Pump?

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    Frequently, PIS's can be found on eBay or amazon.com NIB (new in box) for deeply discounted prices, as well as the accessories. Occasionally, big stores like Babies R Us will have good coupons for Medela products.

    If it's primarily a $$ issue, I would check into getting a single pump only if you're planning on pumping infrequently. They run up to $60, but again, you can use the discounts or websites above to save even more money. If it's to pump to go back to work or if you plan on having more breast-fed children, a nicer system may be worth the investment.

    If you can get your hands on the book Baby Bargains, I would do so. It contains money-saving tips across the board, and breast pumps are no exception! It was and still is an invaluable source of information for me.
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    I once had a weird thing happen with my PIS. The milk all of the sudden went the opposite way shooting up the tubes and to where the motor is. So I think that may be part of the issue with the open system? It was weird. Of course I shut it off right away but who knows what got in there!

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    I was bad and used someone else's pump but it was someone that I knew very well and knew what all of her test results were. My thought is, if you were willing to have them bf your child, you could share pumps. That may be a crazy way to look at it though. The pump has slowed down drastically now or my output slowed down drastically and I am looking into insurance buying me a new one for my next baby due in 3 months.

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