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Thread: Bedtime for 4 1/2 month old

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    Default Bedtime for 4 1/2 month old

    My daughter is 4 1/2 months old and she usually goes to bed around 10 pm. She sleeps at least 8 hours at night but sometimes goes as long as 10 hours at night! My question is what time should I be putting a 4 1/2 month old down for the night? My husband says her bed time should be earlier but I think that we should consider ourselves lucky with her schedule right now. Any suggestions/ideas/thoughts?
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    Default Re: Bedtime for 4 1/2 month old

    If it's working for your family, why change it? Others might disagree, but that's how I roll.

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    Default Re: Bedtime for 4 1/2 month old

    My lo went to bed around 10 until about 5 months and it worked really well for us, especially as I don't get too excited about getting up at 5 am. She did slowly start wanting to go to bed earlier since then and was pretty settled on 8pm by 9 months. with pp-if it works for you, absolutely nothing wrong with it

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    You can try to put her down 10-15 minutes earlier and see how it goes. If it works, try again for 10-15 minutes earlier a few days earlier...

    IMO, babies will set their own schedules. It seems no matter what time my 4.5 month old goes down, he always awakes throughout the nights at generally the same time.

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    Thats when my 5 month old goes to sleep, sometimes its 9:30 and sometimes on her stubborn nights its 10:30. so thats why we have found right in the middle (10:00) is perfect for us...any earlier and she wakes up during the night. She sleeps through the night (until 630-730) if she goes to bed around 10! There is no set rule, i feel, go with what works! This is what works for us! (im a night owl and not a morning person!! heehee)

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