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Thread: More neece peeeeessse!!!

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    Default More neece peeeeessse!!!

    Anna has started asking for the other side when she is nursing. She started saying neece for nurse a while ago and when she is done on one side and wants the other she says, "More neece!"

    On New Year's Eve we had a TON of extended family over. I am trying to cut down a bit on our public nursing or at least try to teach her some manners about how and when to ask because up to this point it has pretty much been a nursing free for all.

    She crawled up in my lap and started saying, "More neece! More neece!" I told her, "Not now Anna, we will nurse before bed time."

    She looked straight into my eyes and pleaded in the SWEETEST voice, "More neece peeeeeeeeeesse!!"

    Can you guess what we did next?

    "At the heart of motherhood is the kind of satisfaction unequalled in any other profession on earth."
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    Nathan- 4/28/03 preemie, 1 month NICU stay and still managed exclusive nursing for 6 months, better.
    Anna- 4/15/06 Self weaned just after turning 3.
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    Default Re: More neece peeeeessse!!!

    cute. I just get clawed up.

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