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    Wyatt has 4 and one coming in. It is sort of changing his latch, but we are working through it! He was ona biting fit last night.

    From what I have heard in the LLL meetings, just bring the baby closer to you, it shoudl help the biting. As for the latch, I guess just work though it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzy's Mommy View Post
    do teeth usually cause latch change?

    Discomfort from teething can definitely lead to changes in latch.

    It sometimes helps to offer baby something to chew on before nursing, such such as a chilled teething ring or a washcloth that has been dipped in icy water and wrung out.

    Before latching on, you might find it helps to assure that your baby opens WIDE and her mouth lands far back on your areola. Sometimes babies adjust their latch to avoid hitting the sore spots on their gums, and this can mean that they are prone to a shallow latch or slide down onto the nipple as the feeding progresses. If the latch is painful, don't hesitate to break the suction and start over.

    While nursing, assure that your baby's weight is well-supported. Sometimes as babies get heavier, their weight tends to drag down the breast. It often helps to hold baby closer to you, or to use a pillow or two to be certain that both of you are comfortable.

    It can also help to vary nursing positions. This is especially beneficial when your nipples are already sore, as the most pressure will be placed on a different area of the areola at each feeding.

    This is a helpful resource that outlines what I discussed above and more
    Here's another resource you might find helpful:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzy's Mommy View Post
    I've got cracks now Rang in the new year in tears from the pain.
    I'm so sorry that you are in pain.

    Cracked nipples often signal a problem with latch and/or positioning. It really does help to assure that baby is positioned well, baby's weight is supported (so she is not dragging down on the breast), and that baby opens WIDE before latching on.

    Additionally, it can help to:
    *hand express a little before feedings to start the milk flow
    *talk to your doctor about using an OTC analgesic (pain medication) that is compatible with breastfeeding
    *after feeding, express a drop or two of milk and rub it into your nipples and allow to air dry
    *apply a thin layer of Lansinoh (or other 100% purified lanolin preparation) between feedings to promote moist wound healing

    Cracked nipples can also be a symptom of thrush. If your nipples do not improve with the above measures, or if you are currently experiencing any of the other symptoms described in the link below, you could have thrush (yeast infection):


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    Thank you Jolie! And thank you LLLadies!

    I do use a boppy when we sit up to feed, but I'm finding side laying to be a bit better. Hoping tomorrow we'll be able to do that more - we went to my mom and dad's today and I fed her using their boppy they have at their house (which didn't work out quite so well... there's is an older style whereas mine is new style, but forgot mine at home). We'd been at 50/50 earlier, but while at mom and dad's I was in pain every time again. But, tomorrow is another day and hopefully better then today and yesterday.

    I will try the advice given, I know we have some teething rings and such, and of course there's washcloths (she seems to prefer her blankets for chewing on though )

    Thank you all!


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    Quote Originally Posted by JackyBoy View Post
    Thanks Abby for your input, it's good to know that their latch and feeding behaviour can change in the way that we and you have described. You know you're not on your own, and that helps!!

    I'm glad I could help!

    Keep us posted!

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