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    For the past few days when Kayleigh latches on my nipples are really sore and it feels weird. Almost feels like when I 1st friend to nurse her. She isn't nursing a whole lot, so it isn't from that. I don't understand why my boobs are sore now. I had my tubes tied, so unless they healed then I am not pregnant. I've been off my period for over a week, so it isn't signs of my period comming. I am not due until Jan. 17 for my period. They are really tender and I end up taking her off because they are sore and tender and it just plain feels weird right now. I feel horrible, I finally get her to nurse during the day and I have to take her off. Its been like this for a few days and all day and night. No signs of an infection. I am almost tempted to take a pregnancy test just to rule it out. Feels exactly like when I got pregnant with my kids. Since I had my period on December 20, I know pregnancy can't be it.

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    Some times yeast can be relatively invisaable... keep an eye out.
    Are they really red?
    Is she scraping across them as she pulls away? (like my ds does now )
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    They aren't red just sore. They are a bit itchy today. She doesn't scrape with her gums anymore, she quit doing that a few weeks ago. She is still toothless and looks like she will be toothless for a while. I am glad she's still nursing though, got her to nurse twice today.

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