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Thread: Peanuts????

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    Does anyone konw what age it is safe to give a child peanuts? My DD is 14 months and still BF. a couple we know gives their son (two wks older than our DD) peanut butter but i won't because i am afraid of the allergy because she is also allergic to eggs.

    anyone know??? just curious

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    I think they recommend introducing PB after 2 or even 3, I would say since your LO is already allergic to eggs you better withhold peanut butter for the time being.

    By the way your LO is 2 days older than mine.

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    w/ pp. Allergic children should stay away from peanuts/pb as long as possible. Peanuts are a choking hazard even if no allergy so later is better there for sure. Try Sun Butter - it's yummy

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    my son (15 months) has peanut butter pretty much every day, but he's never had any allergies. i agree with the pps to hold off on it for a while since your lo already has a food allergy.

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