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Thread: blood in her stools!

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    My LO has bloody stools too and we're in the process of some testing to figure out more about it...we're assuming it's allergy related. But one thing that the GI doctor wants to test for is C Diff b/c she said that that can be a cause...interesting that your doctor didn't think it was related!
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    My doc NEVER even mentioned the word 'allergy', because he knew my DD was being 100% exclusively BF.

    The blood wasn't mixed 'in' with the pooh, it was streaked on the outside of the pooh meaning the blood originated from the bowel. If it was 'mixed in' then something going on inside the tummy, maybe from allergy like you say or from a bug. This is the way my doctor diagnosed it. And, it does make a lot of sense. I am glad that my DD didn't have to go through all the worry and tests.

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