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Thread: Solids vs. BM at 1 year - Confused need help

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    Default Solids vs. BM at 1 year - Confused need help

    DS just turned one a couple weeks ago and at the 12 month visit I was told to limit BM to 16-24oz per day and make sure he gets three full solid meals plus snacks a day. I didn't think this would be so hard b/c normally DS hates his bottles at DC and does better with solids anyway. Well, DC has been closed for the holidays so he's been home with me and all he wants to do is nurse. Nursing on demand has a whole new meaning as he has taken to looking down my shirt, his little eyes dancing with excitement and his grunts unmistakably clear. It is almost feels like he KNOWS the doctor doesn't want him to have it and so he wants it more.

    I've been reading "What to Expect the Toddler Years" for some help on food choices. DS can't have milk or soy so menu planning seems very daunting and nursing so easy. The amount of food that should be offered a Toddler daily seems so huge compared to what he takes in that I feel like I've really been failing him. He's 5-10th percentile in weight but walking independently and highly active and happy. The doctor said she wasn't concerned because the lack of fat from dairy is the main reason she believes he's not gained more weight.

    So my questions are how much food do you offer your one year old at each meal? Is it really bad to nurse frequently at this age? How do I get him to eat??

    Please help! Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Solids vs. BM at 1 year - Confused need help

    boy I think you got some crappy nurtrional advice.. hey that happens.
    limiting breastmilk isn't cool with a baby thats alleric to milk and soy like that.
    your breastmilk is still the prefect food.
    As long as toddler is nursing 3-4 times in 24 hours they don't need additonal milks...
    kelly moms has some good info on that


    breastmilk has more fat then most other baby foods:

    just spending more time with you would make the baby want to nurse more often thats a normal thing!

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    Default Re: Solids vs. BM at 1 year - Confused need help

    Honestly? I mean he wouldn't have had dairy yet anyhow - sorry you got that advice - especailly since your gut is telling you otherwise.

    check those links out that andrea gave - and let us know what you think after reading thorugh them.

    FWIW - my son is allergic to dairy and we nurse often throughout the day approx 10-16 times (we just night weaned ) he eats "meals" and snack a lot. we do the dr sears method of a modified snack tray - it works well
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    Default Re: Solids vs. BM at 1 year - Confused need help

    IMO books like that aren't written for nursing toddlers ...

    I've found the info on kellymom about nursing toddlers nutrition to be quite helpful. It includes:

    Some toddlers are eating very few solids, or even no solids, at 12 months. This is not unusual and really depends on your child - there is quite a big variation. We like to see breastmilk making up the majority (around 75%) of baby's diet at 12 months. Some babies will be taking more solids by 12 months, but others will still be exclusively or almost-exclusively breastfed at this point. It is normal for baby to keep breastmilk as the primary part of his diet up until 18 months or even longer. An example of a nice gradual increase in solids would be 25% solids at 12 months, 50% solids at 18 months, and 80% solids at 24 months.
    Several links for you:



    After my DS turned one I started to shift towards offering solids BEFORE nursing and offering solids more often. Somewhere aound when he was about 13 mo old, I started OFFERING him 3 meals plus 3 snacks a day PLUS continuing to nurse on demand. Sometimes DS is hungry for solids and eats alot. Sometimes he plays with his food and tells me "done". I've also found that DS interest in solids is affected to things like teething. When he was working on cutting 3 molars and 2 eye teeth at the same time I think his mouth hurt so much he mostly wanted to just nurse.
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    Default Re: Solids vs. BM at 1 year - Confused need help

    Quote Originally Posted by JMDE77 View Post
    The doctor said she wasn't concerned because the lack of fat from dairy is the main reason she believes he's not gained more weight.
    This link on kellymom says that toddler breastmilk has more calories and fat than even whole cows' milk, so the lack of dairy isn't to "blame."

    My DD is WAY below the bottom percentile line in weight. I feel like if I fed her the recommended quantity of solids servings, I'd be feeding her ALL day long (and not playing with her or letting her nap or anything). She still happens to only have her two front bottom teeth, so I need to either give her soft-ish foods or cut it up into little bites. She'll eat pretty much anything if it meets those requirements.
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    Default Re: Solids vs. BM at 1 year - Confused need help

    Wow! What a great source of information! I feel so much better after reading the info on Kelllymom. I think one of the most difficult things for me has been trusting that he's getting enough fat from my milk. After being on an ED from milk and soy for 9 months I want to be sure I'm still doing the right thing by continuing to nurse as much as I am. It seems as though most popular baby literature glorifies breastfeeding for the first year but then immediately discounts it past the one year mark. It is nice to know I can find support in the LLL boards. Thank you all!

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    Default Re: Solids vs. BM at 1 year - Confused need help

    don't be afraid to call your local leader and look up a local group,
    There are lost of moms in your area that are dealing with the same issuse, and there is nothing like some real life mom to mom support that a group gives.

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