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Thread: feeding schedule?

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    Default feeding schedule?

    My LO is 5.5 mo and I introduced solids a week ago. He seems to love the rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and squash.

    My question is now that he is eating solids. When should I give him the solids? I am nursing him still 6 times a day and I am now giving him a serving at 12:30pm before his nap (he nurses at 11:00am) and again at 5:30pm before he nurses to go to sleep. Does this seem ok? Should I feed him some cereal also in the morning before he goes down for his morning nap?


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    Default Re: feeding schedule?

    DS is 9 months and we've only just introduced a second meal so I'm sure you Lo will be fine on two per day.

    He has breakfast after his wake-up nursing, then lunch after his morning nap. Sometimes he has an afternoon snack after his afternoon nap if he's missed one of the other meals.

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    Default Re: feeding schedule?

    I recommend the book "My Child Won't Eat!"

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