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Thread: 9-m-o will only eat crunchy food

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    Default 9-m-o will only eat crunchy food

    DS has yet again pushed my lovingly prepared veggies (sweet potato and bean patties) to one side.

    All he will eat at the moment is crunchy food. he loves cornflakes (sugar=free organic ones), baby rice cakes, etc. I put some fruit in with his cornflakes this morning and he picked it out and threw it away.

    I know he doesn't need the nutrients from solids yet - he still nurses on demand. but i'm worried about him not getting used to other food.

    He's allergic to dairy and I know some allergy babies are a bit slow to start solids, but it doesn't seem to matter to him what he eats, just so long as it's crunchy!

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    Default Re: 9-m-o will only eat crunchy food

    Weird!! Arent they funny little critters!!!

    I read someone suggestion that slippery fruit such as bananas, avocardo be coated in cereal (crunched up cornflakes?) for better grip, would this work? He could help you coat them maybe?
    Ashley's nearly 8 months and refuses to eat anything other than paper. :d
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    Default Re: 9-m-o will only eat crunchy food

    My DS is very texture oriented, and won't eat anything if it gets his hands sticky/slimy. He used to eat bananas just fine, but all of a sudden, he won't eat those because they can be slimy. And, it doesn't matter if we try to feed him those things with a fork, either.

    So, no suggestions, just I understand completely! For the record, I'm also texture oriented, and won't eat a bite of any fruit, although I love the flavor and will drink about any kind of juice. Very strange.

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