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Thread: She can't make up her mind!

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    Question She can't make up her mind!

    My two month old little girl can't make up her mind... when she was born we had to stay in the hospital for 7 days due to breathing problems. She didn't get to eat anything for two days. But then I got to start feeding her on day three. I had been pumping so my milk was already in by the first time I fed her. Shortly after my breasts got horribly engorged. So the lactation consultant had me introduce a nipple shield. We had to do this for quite a while, my breasts were just producing so much milk. Well..she got to the point she wouldn't eat without it. The lactation consultant seemed to think it was b/c I was basically "drowning" her with milk without the shield. But now...she can't make up her mind. One feeding she will cry if I don't give her the shield and the next time she will cry if the shield is there. Any suggestions on how I can get her off the shield all together??? It is almost more hassel than anything. But sometimes she will just cry if I don't give it to her and she won't latch on!

    I am truly confused and I think she is too! HELP!

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    Default Re: She can't make up her mind!

    Check out the "Too much milk!" forum. The ladies there are very helpful Good luck!
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