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Thread: Pregnant and milk just stopped...help!

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    Default Pregnant and milk just stopped...help!

    This is my first time on here so I hope that I do this correctly.

    I am heading into my 5th month of pregnancy and just realized after a couple of very painful weeks (super-sore nipples), that my milk has dried up completely. My 21 month daughter is just getting over a nasty stomach flu that we all caught while in Disney World. Of all times for milk to dry up, she was so sick and just cried to nurse, which I couldn't do. My heart broke and is still breaking. I imagine this happened while I was so sick for 7 weeks with the worst morning sickness I could have imagined (which ended about a month ago). But now I want to get my milk back. I have tried Fenugreek, took quite a bit of it (7 pills 3 times per day) for 3 days, but still no milk. And I am a little nervous about Fenugreek since I am pregnant. Has anyone else had this happen? Is there any way to get my milk back?

    TIA, Angelina

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    Default Re: Pregnant and milk just stopped...help!

    Hi and

    Around the five month mark was also when my milk dried up. When your milk supply diminishes during pregnancy, it's usually hormonally related and there's no real way for you to get it back. I too would be leery about taking the Fenugreek while pregnant. (I'm sorry, I know this isn't what you want to hear...). Did you try nursing your daughter anyway? Even though there is no milk there, she might just want the comfort of it. I know a lot of mom's on here have continued to nurse through a pregnancy with little to no milk for baby's comfort only.

    Hope you are all feeling better!
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    Default Re: Pregnant and milk just stopped...help!

    My milk dried up around that time too, but my dd continued to nurse until the colostrum came in. There really isn't much you can do. Dd did pick back up nursing again after a few days of watching her brother do it.

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    Default Re: Pregnant and milk just stopped...help!

    I'm going through the same thing right now. I just keep nursing and making sure he's getting everything else he needs nutrition wise during the day. I even have a few bottles I fill next to the bed so if he gets hungry/thirsty and isn't getting milk from me, I can give him a bottle and he'll fall back asleep.

    It's not what I wanted, but it's the best I can do right now. Hopefully, he'll keep doing this and go right into tandem nursing when the new baby arrives.

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    Oatmeal is something you can give a try. Extra fluids as well. However Fenugreek should not be taken while pregnant. Do a search on KellyMom for details on that.

    Your colostrum should come in soon. Mine began around 23-24 wks. It's hard when your pregnant! You might also want to try the pregnant and breastfeeding forum for advice/support.
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    Default Re: Pregnant and milk just stopped...help!

    Thank you for all the replies. It is good to know that I am not the only one who has gone through this. When it first happened, my midwife only said that my milk shouldn't have dried up and she had no idea why it did. So I began to feel that I did something wrong, or at least could have done something more to get it back.

    And yes, we did nurse for a while dry but what I found is that she would nurse for an hour and a half without stopping (this is in the middle of the night when it is most important to her). It gets so painful for me after this length of time that I have to make her stop, which causes her to cry so hard and for so long that my husband asked me to just stop nursing for now, at least until I get something back, either milk or colostrum. I think that she will jump right back into it as she loves to nurse. But for now, I am getting my fair share of cold shoulder from, which hurts a bit, but again, I am grateful for all that I have read on this site from other moms who have experienced the same thing.

    On a good note, for the last two nights she has slept through the night, which she hadn't done before. I can't tell you how good the extra sleep feels! So suddenly, after all of the reading on here, and your notes, and the extra sleep, I am getting a little peace about the whole situation.

    Thank you, everyone.


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