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    My DS is 4 months old. He was sleeping through the night up until about a week ago. He also used to be very easy going and consolable. Lately however, all he wants to do is nurse, even when he's just finished. He won't take a pacifier. He nurses til he falls asleep, then usually wakes when I put him down and screams until I nurse him again. He's also sucking on his hands a lot and drooling (teething?). I hesitate to nurse him so often because he has GERD and it's not good on his tummy. Last night he woke up 4 times. Has this happened to anyone? Got any suggestions?

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    My dd did this.. only she would nurse constantly during the day and then wake-up once to nurse at night. I didn't mind nursing her during the day but at night I when she would wake-up I would just send Dh in her room..... and she would take her paci.. but not if I was around!! She would want the real thing! - Anyways I think it was related to teething- although mlo has been teething for months and still has no teeth!!! I dunno- I don;t really have a solution except maybe if your don't want nurse your lo at night send your DH in to take care of the baby.

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    What time is your lo going to bed? In my house, only waking 4 times is a common night and anything less than 3 times is excellent. My lo has never woken any less, and my toddler wakes that frequently still. It might have to do with teeth, or it might be a growth spurt. 4 months is a really common time for teething to start and long stretches of sleep at night to end. Do you cosleep? it is really helpful with a frequent nightwaker/teether/hungry baby.

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