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Thread: Weaning myself from nursing.

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    Default Weaning myself from nursing.

    My daughter is 13 months and I am having a terrilbe time with her self weaning. I am beginging to have crying spells, seperation anxiety, and I am not sure how to nurture her other than breastfeeding. Its weird. I am kind of lost now when she cries and do not know exactly how to respond to her.

    She still nurses on demand and at night. I am also working full time 7am-4pm. which is new to our family and my husband stays with our girls.


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    Default Re: Weaning myself from nursing.

    What exactly is the issue? Are you done? Is she? Or are you just having issues adjusting to the new work schedule and perhaps increased night nursing due to her molars breaking?

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    Default Re: Weaning myself from nursing.

    could you be having another baby?
    Thats one way that I could tell even before the test!
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