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Thread: Acid Reflux? Help!!!

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    Hi, my 3 months and a half baby is having crying episodes for aparently no reason, she don't do it everyday, but few times in a week. She spit up frequently and today she vomited. When she cries she have like nausea and she start coughing and she sound like she is shocking. I need to put her straight an pat her back last night she did the same and that was scary , she was grasping for air in the car seat I hold her pat her back and after that she was fine. I start crying. Can be acid reflux? She is 3 months and 16 days, 15 lb 2 oz and 26 in.

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    How scary. Have you talked to your pediatrician about reflux? My LO is almost 4-months old now, and was diagnosed with reflux at 4 weeks. Our pediatrician has said that reflux tends to peak around 4 months, so it seems possible that your daughter's is just now becoming apparent. Have you noticed that the crying spurts are immediately preceded by a spit-up or wet burp? That is what happens with mine, and it's more apparent now that she's a little older - she can go from happy to spit-up to miserable just like that.

    Even if it's not reflux, the choking episodes sound scary enough to consult your pediatrician. Good luck.

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    I second the comments of the pp, a call to dr might be a good idea. Once you have determined whether or not it is reflux, there are measures you can take to lessen baby's discomfort.

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    It sounds like it could be reflux. My 11 week old was diagnosed with reflux at 6 weeks. The doctor prescribed Zantac and Reglan, but we wanted to avoid using medication. We keep her elevated during feedings and afterwards for one hour and we keep her elevated by 30 degrees at night. We bought a Tucker Sling to keep her elevated and from sliding to the bottom of her crib. I also stopped eating acidic foods (chocolate, tomatoes, citrus). This all seems to help her tremendously.

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