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Thread: Any Suggestions?

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    Since Aliyah Was Born I Introduced The Bottle, So Up Until 5mo She Took It When I Was Working With No Troubles But That Didnt Last From 5mo Till Now Shes 12mo She Refuses To Take A Bottle Or Sippy Cup. When I Work She Goes 8hrs With Nothing To Drink Till I Get Home. She Will Eat But Thats It. Ive Tried Playtex, Evenflow, Nuby, Avent, Soothie, And I Recently Was Told One Would Work And That Was The Breast Flow And She Didnt Take It...im Going Back To Work Full Time And Im Worried So I Was Wondering If There Was Anything U All Did To Help Ur Lo, Thanks

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    My lo is 10 mos old and has been refusing EBM from a bottle or cup for almost a month now. I was very stressed about it at first. But, I have since realized that he just nurses more when we are together - he wants mom- he likes it straight from the tap!

    And, since my frozen supply isn't that big, I stopped sending milk with him to the sitter's when I went to work, since he would never drink it- it was just getting wasted.

    So, I have stopped worrying, and stopped wasting milk. He gets BM from me and only me. That's just how its going to be! Now, he does eat table food- loves it! So, when I work (4 days a week), he gets a much larger lunch than when I'm with him. Other than that, he still nurses great. And, he sleeps through the night (nearly 11 hrs every night), so he nurses first thing in the a.m., at dinner time and before bed every day; we add 1 or 2 more sessions when I don't work.

    My plan is to keeo this going as is until after his first bday. I'll introduce cow's milk sometime after that... I plan to keep the early morning and bedtime sessions as long as he wants them.

    BEST of luck to you- don't give up!


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    My DD has not taken much from the bottle for a very long time. If your LO is able to nurse as needed at night and weekends, then I would not worry. She will make up for any gaps when she is with you. Reverse-cycling is not unusual even when milk is the only source of nutrition. So when she's able to take solids during the day she's even better able to hold out for Mama. She'll be fine!!

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