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    Question Re: BARKING COUGH and STUFFED UP....

    I have a 6 month old whom just got a bad cold and i am worried that it might be croup also since you ladies gave great advice to her i was wondering if i could get help too?
    when your LO coughed was it a dry or wet cough my DS has a wet cough like he is bringing stuff up from his chest
    iam not sure if he gets better when we go outside because it has just been too cold. and last with croup yes or no to the sneezing?

    my husband would say that i worry too much but i just cant be too careful now a days


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    Default Re: BARKING COUGH and STUFFED UP....

    Some babies will have a wet cough. That's not bad. As long as they're breathing fine (and by breathing fine, means that their color is pretty normal. If they are not getting enough oxygen, their lips will turn blue and their skin color will palor) you have nothing to worry about.

    Now, croup. You cannot miss that sound. There is a huge difference between and wet cough and a croup cough. Once you hear the croup cough, you'll know exactly what it is. If you are not sure what a seal bark sounds like, go rent a kids video with seals barking. LOL No joke. When my son woke up one morning coughing and it sounded like a seal, I knew he had croup.

    Croup can have a whole host of "secondary" stuff. Some babies have colds and croup at the same time. Some have no other symptoms but the croupy cough. It's really different. But, if your LO is not barking like a seal, he's probably just got a "normal" cold and it's nothing to concern yourself about.

    Hope you feel a bit better.

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