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Thread: Argh! Is my pink eye back?

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    Default Argh! Is my pink eye back?

    I woke up Thursday morning with pink eye. Went to the doc and got a presciption for anibiotic eye drops. Took one dose. Then remembered EMB can help, so I went that approach. In less than 2 days I was "cured". So I thought. Today is Sunday, and I woke up with it again! Should I continue to use the EBM or should I just use the medicine. Ped said it should be fine for me to use it as they give higher dosages to babies/kids when they have it.
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    Default Re: Argh! Is my pink eye back?

    Since you already tried the EBM and it didn't do the job I would go ahead and take the meds. Just my two cents!

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    Default Re: Argh! Is my pink eye back?

    One question, though. Did you stop doing the EBM when you noticed it went away? If you did, you may want to try doing that again for 1-2 weeks to ensure that it's all gone. I'm always leary of the drops because of the side effects (read the insert). I love my vision too much to risk it for something easy to cure like pink eye.

    You can do a double dose type of thing using EBM and alternating with warm water mixed with raw, organic honey. It really does work well...but you have to keep doing it for a week to 10 days. Otherwise, you may calm the bacteria, but you won't eradicate it and it'll just come back.

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    Default Re: Argh! Is my pink eye back?

    Just a thought, if you wear eye makeup it could be contaminated. I was told to toss any cosmetics that touched the infected eye. It stinks, but helped keep me from getting it again.
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    Default Re: Argh! Is my pink eye back?

    Contacts would be contaminated too.

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