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Thread: water?

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    What kind of foods is he eating? Things like bananas or rice cereal could be causing issues. Is he eating high water foods? Watermelon? Other fruit? As adults, we get a lot of our fluids from the food that we eat aswell as the water that we drink.
    Some banana, but not very much and not often. Mostly beans (canned so very wet), meat and avocado. Not much for fruit because it isn't so high calorie.

    not sure where you live, and, my lo is a little older, but we offer water quite frequently because it is soooo hot here. and, if it is his hard stools that are a concern maybe try the "p" foods, peaches, pears, prunes. peaches help alot in softening my ds stools. hth
    Our house is pretty dry with the heat on - does that make a difference?

    Add pumpkin to the "p" foods :

    He has gained the weight he lost and is back up to the 10th percentile so I can relax about squeezing calories into his tummy and give him some watery foods. He loves pears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danlynclark View Post
    For example, when I offer egg yolk or toast, he likes to have a drink with that (wouldn't you? )
    This is what we do. I "evaulate" what DD is eating, and if I were eating the same thing and feel like it would make my mouth dry or the food hard to swallow w/o a li'l sip, then I offer her a li'l sip and she usually takes it. We've had the best luck w/ straws though, instead of regular sippy cups.

    Like last night, she and I were sharing some restaurant chicken tenders that ended up being a little spicy. We BOTH drank a lot during that meal. lol
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    Pears are great for pooping. Have you tried prunes? My goodness, the poops we get after he gets a little fresh prune juice...

    We were having hard poops, too. Laith was crying or fussing a lot while pooping. What we've done is...

    -offer less veggies and carbs
    -offer more protein and fats (per healthymama's suggestion, we cook his food in butter and oil)
    -offer some organic, sugar-free fruit juice (max. once a day and he only takes about 4-5 sips usually)

    We've also gotten some huge poops after giving him pasta/chicken with alfredo-type sauces. He loves them. I was worried initially about giving cow's milk cheese, yogurt, etc... but DS was eating nothing because I was being very strict about the allergy list. I've gotten a little more relaxed because he wasn't interested in anything.

    He really doesn't eat a whole lot right now overall during the day. He is totally uninterested in solids before 12pm so we don't do breakfast anymore.

    His thirst level has increased dramatically in the past 2 weeks which has definitely helped the pooping situation. We offer water to him periodically throughout the day with or without meals. If he sees us drinking water, he often lets us know that he wants some too. He is still BFing just as much as always - maybe even more.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: water?

    I think I have things sorted out now. I have been stressing over the guideline that solids before 12 mo are for experimentation - not nutrition.

    So trying to follow Dr's orders, I'm offering less solids foods to limit what he eats. That's not right. Withholding solid food DOES NOT increase his demand for bfing. He just loses weight and gets a bit fussy (hungry) all the time.

    So I'm following my momma instinct. I can't find information to contradict it. I'm still waiting to introduce egg, wheat, citrus, and a couple others.

    But I'm letting him eat whatever he wants (out of the healthy choices I give him). And holy crap! : He eats A LOT. Over New Year's he ate more than I did at meals! It completely blows me away. I was worried he wouldn't want to nurse, but he did.

    I'm offering water. He wants it, but hasn't figured it out and coughs a lot.

    He's still bfing the same amount and is Mr. Happypants inbetween.

    Yay! Momma Instinct!

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