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Thread: red bumps

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    not sure i'm in the right forum, but my baby's over a year so I guess this is right. my daughter has these little red bumps of different sizes all over her body that I just noticed today but my husband says it doesn't look like chicken pox or anything like that. does anyone know what it could be? like an allergic reaction or something? she had her vaccinations a couple of weeks ago for chicken pox and measles, would one of those have caused this, and caused it this late? thanks in advance

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    According to my ped, the MMR vax can cause this (at around the same timing you mentioned). I think we're starting to get the same thing from ours.

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    if it persists, may want to see ped again. dd1 had bumps all over her arms and legs - no recent vaccinations. It ended up being folliculitis and she needed antibiotics (it was bacterial).

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