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Thread: Increased Nursing

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    My daughter has always been an avid nurser. I remember at about 10 months, I was worried because she seemed to be nursing more often. Then, it started to decrease, and I thought she was ready to self-wean. She was nursing only before nap and bedtime. However, she has always nursed 2-3 hours during the night.

    Now, we are going back to more and more nursings. She wanted to nurse this morning, and she dropped that nursing months ago. It is also concerning me because she is eating less and less solid foods (she used to have such a huge appetite).

    Any ideas why she is nursing so often and eating less solids?

    I am not sure if this affects the answer. I am about 6-7 weeks pregnant. My daughter is currently 15 months.

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    Have you considered that your dd might be approaching a growth spurt or another developmental milestone? babies often increase nursing at these times.
    Congratulations on your new pregnancy!
    pregnancy can reduce a mother's milk supply, so that might also account for your dd to be increasing the frequency of nursing.
    I wouldn't worry too much about it; children go through all kinds of phases with their nursing habits (and sleeping and eating and playing and behaviour).
    The best thing is just to follow her cues - she knows when she needs to nurse and how much.

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    I second that she knows what she needs, even if the reasons aren't always apparent. Most mothers find that this is a stage and their babies usually go back to their regular patterns or create a new pattern after a "spurt" of nursing.

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    My son nursed until just after his 4th birthday. He kept me guessing from the age of 21 months or so -- he'd taper off on the frequency of his nursing, and then one day he'd pick it up again and be nursing 6 times a day. Sometimes I knew why he was doing it -- an illness or some disruption in our schedule -- and other times I couldn't figure it out. It definitely was NOT a smooth, gradual curve tapering downward towards complete weaning. Up and down, up and down.

    The cool thing is that by the time your nursling is a toddler, your milk supply is so well established that even if you go a day or two without nursing, there's still milk if your child starts nursing frequently again. Your pregnancy may change that picture, but for now I recommend you just go with the flow and nurse as much and for as long as you and your daughter both want to.


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