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Thread: LO is sick, not drinking enough??

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    Default LO is sick, not drinking enough??

    My lo has a head cold and has had trouble eating since Tues morning because she is stuffy. She is doing better but still stuffy and we think she has fewer wet diapers and the ones she does have are not as wet. I also got sick and had a fever so my milk may be low. Should I be doing anything (pumping?) or will this just resolve on its own when she is better. Is there anything else I can do to make it easier for her? I already saline spray and suction her nose and her room is humid. She has refused to take a bottle since she was 2 mths old so that is not an option. I've been offering water a bit more and she doesn't take much solids yet, only a couple spoonfuls a day.
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    Default Re: LO is sick, not drinking enough??

    My DD was this way last week, really, I just kept offering her to nurse and she was fine, it all resolved itself, HTH.

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