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Thread: What should I do??

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    Default What should I do??

    DD is just about 11 months old and this is going to be the first time I can't bf her. I went to the doctor yesterday b/c I have been throwing up with diaharrea and was also spitting up thick yellow stuff (sorry if it's TMI). I have a virus and pneumonia in my left lung. They put me on some antibiotics where I can't bf dd. I don't have enough milk stashed to get through a whole week. I am going to keep pumping and dumping to try and keep my supply up, but what do I do in the mean time to feed her? Do I need to supplement with formula? I'm also scared b/c what if when it's time to nurse again she doesn't want the breast? I'm totally freaking out right now b/c I'm not ready to stop bfing!

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    Did you discuss with the Dr that you were still nursing? There should be an antibiotic that you can take for this and still nurse. I have taken them several times while nursing. The package will almost always say some warning about breastfeeding and taking them but your Dr should know which ones are OK.
    I know this isn't recommended but I would either give her whole milk or let her eat yogurt and not even give her formula(she can drink water with meals), most kids who try it that late think it is nasty.
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    You really need to consult Hale's book and/or an LC/LLL leader who can verify the safety of any medication. Drs most times will err on the side of caution (ie CYA - they have malpractice insurance to think of) and will tell you not to BF rather than actually try to find out if it's safe or not.

    I second the idea of trying solids and/or other milks rather than formula if you do need to supplement.

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    I'm so sorry momma I hope you feel better real soon
    I've been there too. When my Ds on was 3 months old, I was in the hospital for over a week and had to pump and dump most of the time. We went through our freezer stash and he had to get formula as well. We mixed the Ebm and formula half and half. So he still got ebm until it ran out all together. I was so worried that he would not take the breast again that I just sat in the hospital bed and cried. However, He could not wait to nurse and seem to miss it. a lot. I'm sure your lo will still want to nurse when you are better. Just worry about getting yourself better right now. Easier said than done I know

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