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Thread: Nightime Pee: is this normal?

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    Default Nightime Pee: is this normal?

    Last night my LO (10 weeks) went 8 hours w/o pee. She goes to bed around 8ish and sleeps until 7ish (with about 2-3 feeds in between)...I know that as babies get older their bladders can hold more and thus they urinate less often with bigger quantities, but 8 hours??? She usually doesn't pee during day time naps but instead when she wakes up so I guess this is normal. When she did pee it wasn't huge but it wasn't small either....What are ya'lls experience with nightime pee..?
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    Default Re: Nightime Pee: is this normal?

    I was wondering the same thing. My LO is 7 months and went yesterday with out peeing for 18 hours! she was nursing fine and everything just no pee. I wish i could help but i am wondering the same thing.

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    Smile Re: Nightime Pee: is this normal?

    I think it's all depends if your baby's a good sleeper at night or not. If your baby likes her 'boobie' a lot during the night, then the nappy will naturally feel like it's got a 'brick' in it! And, if your baby an all night sleeper, the nappy will naturally feel a lot lighter and quite dry on waking in the mornings. As long as you get wet nappies during the day and you are BF on demand and your baby's gaining weight, and is healthy and alert I wouldn't worry.

    I had experienced this with both of my babies, my first wasn't a good night sleeper and my second was.

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    Default Re: Nightime Pee: is this normal?

    Caitlyn is like this as well. She is 8 months old and most mornings wakes up with a dry diaper, no matter how much she nurses at night. She has been like this since she was an itty bitty thing. I would change her diaper every time I woke up during the night, but it was rarely wet. After a couple weeks I finally got a clue and stopped changing her (altho I still check during the night).

    My first daughter was like this as well. She last had a wet diaper at night when she was 14 months old. She was also very easy to potty train.
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    Default Re: Nightime Pee: is this normal?

    I would think as long as your lo is having 4-6 wet diapers during the day and the urine is not concentrated or strong smelling then you are okay. My dd used to nurse once in 12 hours at night.. (her 2am feed) when she woke up her diaper weighed like 5 lbs it was so heavy with urine. Then she started sleeping through the night... 12-13 hours straight... when she wakes up her diaper is a little bit wet but not much. I asked the ped and she said it was fine... Kellymom.com has some great charts about how much diaper output her babies age.

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    Default Re: Nightime Pee: is this normal?

    I gotta say something, my all night waker gained a lot more weight by 6 mths than my all night sleeper did! I thought I mention it, but that's not important though, as long as your baby's gaining however much is fine. Too be honest, my life was hell with my 1st one and she was so greedy with me and her 1st 2 nappies in the morning would be the weight of 'bricks' too! Crazy huh!

    Good on you for to have a baby who's sleeps through, thank your lucky stars!

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