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Thread: Baby food boycott!

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    Default Baby food boycott!

    DS who is 11 months old is refusing to eat baby food from a jar. I can feed him green beans from a can and he'll gobble them up, but if it's pureed he wont touch it. He recently started shaking his head no at me. I will admit it is very cute but a tad bit annoying too. Does anyone suggest when we have pizza night to make sure there is something he can have besides the pizza, I don't want him to start bad eating habits at a year old if you all KWIM.

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    He probably wants to start feeding himself. DD will be 11 months on teh 1st and for about a month now has refused to let us feed her. I say put him in the high cahir with some small peices of food and let him have fun.

    I haven't given dd pizza yet, we aren't doing dairy. If we do pizza or something unhealthy I have something healthy for her. We just tried one of thos lil entree sinners for toddles and she loved it. I jsut put the food onto her high chair and she ate most of it. We did the chicken and wagon wheels-i cut the wheels in half so she wouldn't choke.

    I bet he is just ready to be independent like his mommy, daddy, and siblings! good luck
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    I would just make a healthy pizza for the whole family (maybe premade crust w/ fresh toppings)??

    I was just reading somewhere about how BF babies know what foods are safe by what they have tasted in mom's BM. So in effect we are training our babies' tastebuds! Watch out!

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    I had no idea that we were training their taste buds! That's neat! I suppose a veggie pizza would taste pretty good, but DH and DD are VERY picky! If it's something new out of the ordinary they dont eat it and it goes to waste! DS will usually eat everything I put on his plate! For lunch he had baked fish sticks, not very healthy but at least they weren't swimming in grease!

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